Frequently Asked Questions

Q.: What are the 3D printed firearm replicas, and how can I use them?

A.: If you like firearms, mechanical engineering, and taking things apart, you will definitely like our 3D printed firearm replicas. We recreate mechanisms and inner functionality of various real-world firearms. You can find out how they work, and take them apart down to the tiniest screw.


Q.: Can I use a 3D printed firearm replica like a real gun?

A.: Of course not. We print them using a light-duty PLA plastic for most of the parts (except for some small screws, and sometimes coil springs). This material will never withstand anything close to actual firing, and will be immensely more dangerous to the person trying to “fire” it than to anyone else. No real cartridges will fit any of the chambers or barrels.


Q.: What are solid, cutaway and assembly kit options?

A.: Solid option – combined into one part firearm replica, can’t be disassembled. There are no moving parts
Cutaway option – combined into one part firearm replica with frame and slide cut. It represents internal parts, but still can’t be disassembled. There are no moving parts.
Assembly kit – an option which features internal mechanism and disassembly, please, check Protector Palm Pistol, Double Derringer and Colt Walker.

Q.: Will I be able to use any of the parts in a real firearm?

A.: No. We will never print a firearm replica to a real scale. It will be either upscaled or downscaled, +- 2%.


Q.: How strong are these plastic models? How long will they keep functioning?

A.: The models that are printed using PLA plastic are strong enough to carry them and use them as a learning aid (disassembly/assembly).  However, they are not as durable as metal, and must be handled carefully. Please take this into consideration. Dropping the replica on the ground may damage it.

It is true that some plastic springs will “tire” after a day or more if left under tension (for example, if the hammer is left cocked). However, to remedy this, you only need to disassemble the model, take the spring out, and “give it a rest”.

We also pack spare plastic springs with our replicas. (If you should ever lose or break one, contact us and we will share the STL file with you, allowing you to print it out at the nearest 3D print shop). We have been testing our models for periods up to several months. We even dropped them in water. (Cold water will not damage them, but hot water may cause some deformation). Also, while tightening screws, try not to apply too much force, since plastic threads may be damaged if overtightened — just be careful.


Q.:Why are your replicas so expensive?

A.: It takes from 12 to 40 machine hours just to print one model. Then, we have to do a lot of work by hand to adjust and fit the parts, cut the threads, assemble, test and polish the replica.


Q.: Are your models the exact match compared to original firearms?

A.: Difference in scale and bore diameter (both required for safety purposes) notwithstanding, most of the replicas we manufacture are 99% representative of mechanical function and shape of the original.


Q.: Where can I find instructions on how to disassemble and assemble my replica?

A.: You may check out our videos. Also, for every model we offer, we release a promo code which can be used inside World of Guns: Gun Disassembly — a piece of software where you may study the original version of the firearm, learn about how it works, and find detailed instructions on how to disassemble/assemble it.


Q.: Do I need to provide any ID or legal documents to buy or own your replicas?

A.: We print our models using light colored plastic (light grey, golden yellow, white). They do not look like real firearms. Besides, we mostly focus on replicas of antique firearms.


In most EU countries, as well as in the US, you won’t need any papers to own one. However, you may contact us before purchasing and we will make the necessary inquiries.


Q.: What tools will I need to take apart your 3D printed firearm replicas?

A.: You will need a screwdriver and a pin punch (a small metal “stick” used to carefully drive out cylindrical pins out of a hole). You won’t need anything else.


Q.: Are you going to print any other replicas?

A.: Yes. We are always looking for interesting firearm mechanisms to recreate them.


Q.: I want to print an M-16 / AK-47 — can I order one?

A.: We can readily reproduce any existing model from the World of Guns application on request. It is only a matter of time and money.