Double Barrel Derringer plastic replica


3D printed plastic model of the Remington Double Derringer, with all internal parts.

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3D printed plastic model of the  Double Barrel Derringer with all internal parts.
The model reproduce operation of the real Double Barrel Derringer. It can be used for educational purposes and as assembly model. Full disassembly is available.
The size of the model is a little bit overscaled. The parts can’t be used in the real firearm. Double Barrel Derringer replica has been printed using PLA plastic.

What is included:
– Double Barrel Derringer assembled with 2 plastic cartridge dummies
– 4 spare springs (trigger spring, hammer spring, hammer nose spring and sear spring)
– promo code which unlocks Protector Palm Pistol in firearm simulator “World of Guns: Gun Disassembly“, which can be used as disassembly/assembly instructions.

It takes 10 days to print and assemble Protector Palm Pistol replica.



Importance notice:
Solid option – combined into one part firearm replica, can’t be disassembled. There are no moving parts
Cutaway option – combined into one part firearm replica with frame and slide cut. It represents internal parts, but still can’t be disassembled. There are no moving parts.
Assembly kit – an option which features internal mechanism and disassembly, please, check Protector Palm Pistol, Double Derringer and Colt Walker.

Additional information

Dimensions 145 × 35 × 95 mm

Assembly Kit


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